Meetings Completed



There are Three Components to Every Meeting

Who Attended and what was Discussed?

How Did You Get to the meeting?

How Much Did you Spend for the meeting?

Meeting Mapper allows you to schedule, execute and follow up all your meetings, log your mileage and track all your expenses in one easy to use app. Gone are the days of using multiple apps to do what Meeting Mapper can do all by itself. Don’t just have a meeting, have a Meeting Mapper!

Meeting Mapper is very configurable to meet your requirements, whether you want to add stances, roles, select currency or change from mile to kilometers you can do it with Meeting Mapper


Schedule, plan, execute and follow up on all your critical business meetings. Track meeting participants Stance and Role(s) in an intuitive interface.


Navigate to your meetings and log all your business and meeting related mileage for tax purposes or reimbursement. 

Log your expenses


Track all your expenses related to meetings and other business activities. To fully understand the cost of doing business.  

Meeting Mapper iPad
Meeting Mapper is accessible on your iPhone and iPad. 


All your meetings, mileage and expenses are safely secured in the cloud. 

There is more to meetings than just taking notes!

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